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I’ve been thinking a lot… how easy it is to be caught in the mundane and seemingly difficult parts of our day to day life. To get caught up in the bad days, comparisons, and worrying about a year from now… five years from now… and ten years from now.

When, in reality, we really should just be worrying about today.

About this moment we’re in RIGHT NOW with the people we are spending it with.

I think about this all the time (even though I’m not always the best at living it).

I wish I was better at shutting my brain off and enjoying each moment as I’m living it without thinking to what I need to do in the next hour, day, week, and month.

I wish that more often I could focus on the feeling of the sun shining brightly on my face… of the beauty of the fresh flowers… of the way Chloe cuddles up on my shoulder in the morning… of the way James hugs me from behind when I’m making us breakfast… of the lyrics to that new song I love… of the way my lungs burn when I get out for the first long walk in month… reminding me that I am here, and I am alive.

All of these things that happen in the quiet moments of my life that I so often look right over and forget to take note of, because I am too consumed by other things, busy in my own mind, and worried about the future.

This year as busy season picks up and life seems to take off running without me more often than not… I’m going to do the best to stop.

Stop and be.

Stop and smell.

Stop and see.

Stop and hear.

Stop and enjoy.

Stop and smile.


And I’m writing this post in hopes that if I forget, I can come back here to read this, remember, and start again.




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