Off-Season Perks ~ Chicago Lifestyle Children’s Photography

I know most people in the industry preach about finding a niche and sticking to it. They talk about specializing and being a pro at ONE type of photography. And I get it, which is why we focus 90% of our time on weddings, engagements, and proposals. But I have to say… as much as I’ve tried… I just can’t totally let the kid stuff go.

So for me, one of my favorite things about off-season is that I have time to spend hanging out with adorable little babies and kiddos (in this case, all kids of my dearest friends & family, which is an added perk)!! It gives me a change of pace with our work and keeps me on my toes (since kids most definitely don’t listen to direction like our wedding clients do)!! haha

Here’s a look at some of the adorable little ones coming to the blog soon!!




I mean… seriously!


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