Yesterday in a Nutshell ~ Chicago Proposal Photographer

Yesterday was random and wonderful (even with that crazy water situation – but more on that later…)

1. I finally saw this view on the white board in my office for the first time in… oh…. I have no idea how long!!

2. I noticed that I had not put on makeup in over 5 days thanks to the freezing cold weather and never, ever, leaving the house. Usually I have at least some makeup left on my face from days past (don’t worry, I do wash my face, but that mascara always seems to hang on for dear life)… and so I decided to document it just to see what that looks like. (Apparently I mostly look sleepy. Haha. And then I promptly went and put makeup on…)

3. Then my friend, Jess, came over and we went over spreadsheets and more spreadsheets (because I’m a total nerd and love this stuff), and got her in order for this coming year. Go Jess, Go!! And she brought James this adorable little bottle of tequila for letting her steal me for the day – and because he loves tequila (obviously).



1. Then Lauren joined us for celebratory wine, and Chloe of course had to be in on the fun.

2. That is until we forced her to be in a photo with us – then she was genuinely frightened by the three of us. I can’t blame her. 🙂

3. But that didn’t stop her from being super sad when the girls left. (Thanks Jess for this pic! 🙂



1. Then she looked at me like… Seriously, I can’t believe you let Jess hold me!! I mean… she seemed like she might drop me at any moment! You guys are crazy! 

2. (Photo evidence of Chloe’s sentiment.)

3. Then because of some craziness currently happening in our building (and some water leaking alllll over our kitchen – not our fault, by the way!)… I learned the hard way that bathroom sinks were just not designed for doing dishes…



And then I continued to drink wine out of a mason jar, because originally when I started drinking wine out of it with the girls I thought, “I don’t have to hand wash this!” But then we had our crazy kitchen sink fiasco and I realized we have to hand wash everything (in the bathroom sink) until it is fixed… and so there goes that. But, regardless… wine!!!



And yes, it took me numerous photos (or should I say – it took asking James to re-do numerous photos he took) to get a “wine in a mason jar” photo I was happy with… which ended up being none of them, but I’m posting it regardless. (Full disclosure, people.)

And that was pretty much yesterday in a nutshell. You’re welcome. 🙂 (I know you all will sleep better after having read this… haha.)


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