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I love taking part in things that push me to think outside of the box and have me looking at life with fresh eyes again. I remember feeling that way in photography school … pushing my creative limits, thinking hard about a project, then proudly turning in my carefully curated work. While we obviously do that as well within our business now – there is something to be said about shooting for yourself, and being held accountable to do so weekly.

That’s where this new photography collective I’m a part of comes in!

Western Light brings together a group of photographers (who all happen to be amazing women) who work primarily in weddings and portraiture, and asks them to push further. A personal photographic project to illustrate life: neighborhoods, the changing of the seasons, holidays, the passing of time. Each week these glimpses of the beauty of ordinary life become – together – extraordinary. (taken from the blog)

I can’t get over how excited I am to produce work, that can be anywhere on the spectrum from ordinary to extraordinary every week! (You’ll see just how ordinary my first week was in the Happy New Year post… haha.) And I’ve realized that I’m even more excited to see what work the other ladies are producing… to see how all of those images come together to make something really beautiful! Stories of our lives and cities – spread from Scotland to Alaska, from Manhattan to Chicago, from Texas to San Francisco. It really has been so cool to see this project come together finally!

And so of course I had to share it here so you all know it is happening!!!

There’s a Facebook page for the group that you can follow HERE.
And the blog itself can be found at http://thewesternlights.com/ and is updated weekly with new images.

I hope you’ll follow along and be as inspired as I am!



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