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Considering the amount of proposal inquiries we’ve gotten in the past couple months – it is pretty clear that engagements and engagement rings are on people’s minds!! Of course we believe that you don’t have to follow traditions, and have plenty of couples who passed on the engagement ring thing all together, or followed other traditions based on their heritage (like getting a silver spoon!), or went for a less traditional stone, like sapphires! I say go for it any way you choose and whatever fits you two as couple! Heck, you don’t even have to propose if you don’t want to (right, Dad?! haha)!!

Anyway, since it apparently is the season for proposals (and because Rachelle requested) – here are some pretty ring pictures!! This is a random assortment of ring photos from this years’ proposals, engagement sessions, and weddings!

Enjoy the bling! 😉



Clearly I have a thing for rings + flowers/trees. haha.


We have a handful of winter shoots lined up for the next week or two, and will be working behind the scenes as always (in between time spent with our family for the holiday, of course), but since I’m assuming most of you will be out enjoying life and not online – we’re going to take a little blogging break over here!! If anything exciting comes up I may be posting here and there (check our Facebook business page for post links!), but don’t have anything planned at the moment.

I hope you all take time to get off line and have some wonderful in-person time with your loved ones! We’ll see you back here on December 30th to close out 2013 and ring in a new year!! Ah!! Crazy!


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