October Tidbits ~ Life Behind the Scenes

WOW. October was a little crazy around here to say the least! I feel like we were just on the brink of this crazy month, anticipating what would be and how we’d get through, and now somehow it is already over! We have one last wedding on the mainland this Saturday and then a few weeks full of all sorts of sessions and playing catch-up, before we head off to Hawaii over Thanksgiving for our last wedding of the year. Wow – how time flies!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves… why don’t we look back at life behind the scenes in October, so I can remind myself what the heck all happened this month! It flew by so fast I’m having trouble recollecting… 🙂


1. Double date night out in the city! James can’t make a normal face in photos to save his life! haha

2. This dog uses pillows to her advantage as often as possible.

3. Where’s Chloe?

4. Obsessed. We bought 4 tins of this coffee because we know it is only seasonal at TJ’s!

5. Perfect little Sunday off with my loves. I could sit like this ALL. DAY.

6. Creeper doggie on my shoulder. 🙂


1. The view from Lauren’s roof before our monthly SHARE group. Just… perfect. Love this city sooooo much!

2. She’s super dramatic. “Look at me almost falling off the bed! Haaaaaaaalllllp!”

3. Again with the crazy faces for photos! COME ON JAMES!!! PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER!!! haha 🙂

4. Chelsea came to the city!!! Maybe we’ve always looked alike… but I really feel like the older we get the less we look like cousins and the more we look like sisters! I’m not complaining… 🙂 Love this girl!

5. Lauren came over for lunch and chat… but Chloe just wanted lunch and Lauren.

6. My life this month… car car car car drive drive drive drive shoot shoot shoot shoot. 🙂


1. It was a sad month for our car. October 13th: Hit & Run while parked on our street knocked of the mirror & scratched both driver’s side doors. October 13th: Accident (see photo) added to the already busted driver’s side. Then the day after we got the car back (2 weeks later) we were woken by a police officer at our door telling us they caught someone who hit our car and tried to run AGAIN!!! I cannot make these things up. Here’s hoping my mom is right and that things happen in 3’s and we’re done with this crazy car stuff!

2. A cake photo I shot was featured in an article in this fall’s The Knot Chicago magazine!

3. Our sweet ride while our car was in the shop for 2 weeks. haha. Parallel parking this beast in the city is less than  ideal.

4. Typical night when I’m trying to get to sleep. Yup.

5. She’s just so pretty – isn’t she?! Walks with her are some of my favorite parts of the day! Especially in the beautiful fall colors/weather!

6. Attempts to document my wedding day outfit. Cars in the background, camera bag on the ground… overall – fail. haha.


1. Just another morning waking up with this dog on my face.

2. Torpedo dog on the bed without sheets.

3. I’m doing some serious dreaming about rebranding lately. Looking to make our brand a little more grown up… Eeeeee!!! So excited to share a new, updated look this off-season!

4. I woke up to this in our kitchen the other day. The red boxed wine we had apparently went crazy over night! WHAT THE WHAT?!

5. We were feeling so Sex in the City at this Revlon/Glamour event this past week! So much fun with my ladies! 🙂

6. And last, but definitely not least, Chloe’s awesome Halloween costume. Yeah… she’s a world champion swimmer… clearly!


I am SO excited to see what November has in store! October was fabulous – but I’m looking forward to a little more balance this month and a trip we’ve been looking forward to for a long time with my love!!



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