Civic Duty Day

Well, you guys, it has finally happened. For the first time in my 32 years, I’ve been summoned to Jury Duty.


And so this girl with the not-so-traditional job/office/daily business wear … had to actually wake up to an alarm today, shower (before 7pm – what?!), put on something other than yoga pants, and hit the road before 8am so I could report to Jury Duty by 8:30am.

Pure. Insanity.

I think in any other normal career I would have been okay to get called to Jury Duty. I would have been all “YAY! A DAY OFF WORK!!” But I love what I do and would rather have a normal day in the office any day! Plus, running your own business doesn’t really allow for sick days, let alone a full day spent sitting in a courthouse when I should be wrapping up our final edits to get out to clients before we head out of town in a few days.

But instead of getting too irritated about performing my civic duty – I’m going to be thankful we live in a democratic society where people are allowed fair trials. Yes? (I’m trying reaaaaaally hard to look on the bright side here, people.) And I’m going to break into the books I bought for our trip a few days early – because I will need something to pass the time! So there’s that! Yay good books!

Here’s hoping it is a quick day!!! Happy Wednesday, friends!! If you need me I’ll be munching on vending machine food and twiddling my thumbs all day.


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