Thankful and Break Time ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

This weekend was CRAZY.

Crazy good.

Crazy not-so-good.

But mostly, things leaned towards the crazy good side. 🙂

Saturday we left bright & early to head to Indianapolis for Erin and Brian’s AMAZING wedding day. (See what I mean by amazing?!)



15 hours later we were home, charging our gear, downloading/backing up images, and culling the wedding.

We hit the hay and woke up early Sunday to do it all again. We were a little tired (as always during double headers weekends) but SO excited for Jennie and Jim’s day! It was a perfect fall day – sunny and in the upper 60’s, and we headed out the door with high hopes for a beautiful wedding day.

Then I got to our car and found this…



No note to explain what happened, although I’m pretty sure it is obvious what happened. Somehow during the 8 hours our car was parked overnight between weddings, someone managed to do a number on it.

I was upset and vented to James about it when he go outside. But in usual James fashion – he reminded me that we are blessed and (in his words) “it could be worse.” I knew he was right and so off to Jennie and Jim’s wedding we went!

I dropped James off at Jim’s parents house in Schaumburg and was on my way to meet up with the ladies for preparation photos at Jennie’s parents’ house… when this happened…




Needless to say – I freaked out, and the first person I called after it happened was Jennie. (Before I even talked to the other driver… lol) All I cared about was that I was okay enough to shoot the wedding, and the car was okay enough to get me there ASAP. Thankfully both were true and I was able to get to Jennie’s shortly after and continue about the day as I normally would (a pinch late and with a dull but manageable headache).

On top of being thankful for myself and the car being (mostly) ok… I am SO thankful that I have such amazing clients. Jennie was not even worried about the photos and just wanted to make sure I was okay. She and her family offered me a million options to help me deal with what happened and were just beyond amazing.

We were able to make it through the rest of the day without any problems and I’d say it was a success… wouldn’t you?!



So that was our crazy double-header weekend. A little stressful, and not exactly what we were hoping for (in personal terms) – but SO wonderful and so perfect otherwise!!!

And I’m so unbelievably thankful that everything is okay. We made it to the wedding… I was okay… the car was okay… and as James pointed out earlier “it could be worse” held true again.

On top of that – I’m also thankful that today is a day OFF. haha! After all the adrenaline, travel, amazing wedding days, and not a whole lot of sleep – lord knows we both could use a little down time to just BE. (And file a couple insurance claims… lol)


And so that’s what we’re doing today… Break Time! See you kids tomorrow! xo




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