Stacie + Joe ~ Boerner Botanical Garden Wedding ~ Milwaukee Wedding Photography

Stacie and Joe are about as sweet as they come!! On our car ride home after this wedding James and I couldn’t stop raving about how wonderful they (& their families) were to everybody that helped make their wedding happen. Stacie’s dad even made a point to pull all the wait staff, planner, and chef out to the center of the dance floor to acknowledge their hard work! It was seriously amazing to witness and really showed again what wonderful people they all are! On top of that James said Joe and his brother, Chris, insisted on helping him carry his gear earlier in the day and it blew him away. I just cannot say enough nice things about the kind of people they are! (Oh, and they love animals – so they’re pretty much perfect. haha)

It was a perfectly beautiful fall day at the Boerner Botanical Gardens in Wisconsin for their wedding, and the foliage perfectly complimented Stacie’s beautiful red hair (which I’m pretty jealous of, by the way)! Their ceremony was so moving and Stacie’s grandpa’s words brought me to tears (and I’m pretty sure everyone else in the room too). From start to finish it was just a moving and joyful day to celebrate the love between these two awesome people!

Stacie & Joe ~ Thank you so much for having us be a part of your day and for so wholeheartedly trusting us to capture it! You two are pretty much the best, and we are so thankful to have you in our lives!! Let us know if you’re ever back in Chicago visiting and we can grab a drink!! 🙂 Love you guys!! xoxo! Christy & James



Congratulations you two!!!



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