Rachel + Pat ~ Millennium Knickerbocker Wedding ~ Chicago Downtown Wedding Photography

Oh my goodness…. I’m not sure where to start here you guys. The love I have for Rachel and Pat (and their families/friends at this point) might sound a little crazy to most people reading this. But I don’t care. 🙂

I was first introduced to the Morris family back in December of 2011, when James and I photographed Laura & Darcy’s wedding. I may sound like I’m exaggerating – but I’m not…  that wedding changed my life. It made me think about love and family in a new way, and most importantly it made me appreciate every moment we are given together here on earth. (You may want to click through to read that post & see their wedding if you want to fully understand what I’m talking about.)

So naturally, when Rachel and Pat (Laura’s younger brother) contacted us about shooting their wedding this summer – I was OVERJOYED. At this point the Morris family felt like MY FAMILY, and I couldn’t wait to be a part of another beautiful day in their lives. Little did I know that I would be lucky enough to not only reconnect with the Morris family, but to also meet another equally amazing family… Rachel’s family! I met up with Rachel and Pat last year to chat about their wedding and life over beers at Haymarket, and Rachel told me about how wonderful and fun her family is. She talked about how much she loves her sisters and how protective she feels over them. She talked about her grandmother’s energy for life, and more. It became clear to me that their wedding day was going to be one epic celebration of life and love, and I could not wait to be a part of it.

I’m not sure I can fully explain how wonderful it is to do our job when we know our clients (well, really our friends at this point) not only completely trust us, but also love us as people. It is such a freeing feeling to know they have our backs, are taking care of us, and are so happy to have us following them around on one of the biggest days of their lives! I lost track of how many times their families thanked us for being there and told us they loved us. I lost count of the hugs… I lost count of the laughs… and I lost count of the happy tears I cried along side them. James and I left Rachel and Pat’s wedding that night feeling like our hearts might burst. It was a moment in life that you pinch yourself to ask if this is real, and thank the lord that these beautiful souls have crossed our paths in this crazy life.

Rachel and Pat ~ I cannot begin to thank you two for being some of the kindest and sweetest human beings on earth. (Oh man – I’m starting to cry… shoot.) Being a part of your day, and documenting your love story is an honor I cannot even begin to explain. You two & your families welcomed us in with open arms (again), trusted us with all you have, and loved us with all your hearts. And for that – we are so thankful. I hope these images tell the story of your day as well as I remember it in my heart and mind. It was a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL day, and I hope you always smile when you look back on it. Love you two so much!!! XOXO ~ Christy & James


I’m glad these two were James’ shots because if I had realized Rachel was crying I would have lost it too!

What an unbelievable space for a wedding… right?!

And then she say Songbird and I lost it… (our first dance song)… just… beautiful.

I love this moment James captured!

I don’t know if Pat did this on purpose or was aware of it when he did… but my heart fluttered and tears pressed at the back of my eyes when he raised his arm up as he went back down the aisle with his sweetheart, just like his dad had done at Laura’s wedding. The resemblance is uncanny. (The image on the right is a photo of Pat’s parents at Laura’s wedding… I couldn’t help but share.)

I told Pat to go all out and just grab her and kiss her like he would if I weren’t there… and that’s what he gave me!! (photo on the right) LOVE it! haha!

These next photos kill me!! haha!! LOVE LOVE LOVE these crazy dance party moments with Pat rocking out!!

Oh my gosh… just … LOVE.


~ Vendors ~

Venue: Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel

Hair: Debra Petrielli

Band: David Rothstein Music

Makeup: Dominica at Outer Beauty Airbrush Makeup


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