Coming Soon & Other Random Thoughts ~ Chicago Engagement & Elopement Photography

Well, I’m laughing a bit at myself for thinking August was going to be a “slower” month for us around here… haha! I think part of it was because I was busy trying to get everything out to clients before Turning Tides Retreat… was gone for that whole week for the retreat… and then catching up on emails/edits & shooting more when I got back. Anyway – the point of this is to tell you that I have so many beautiful people to share with you soon!!! I was hoping to have a session up for you today – but amid all the wediting I was doing yesterday, and some much needed cookie baking for my brother-in-law’s birthday celebration last night… I just couldn’t get it all done!

But don’t you worry! We actually have the entire weekend off this weekend and while I plan to do some serious sleeping and relaxing, I also hope to catch up on everything around here business-wise (since next week my sister and her husband are bringing our three favorite kiddos to visit us for a few days – and that will technically be our “weekend” around here)!! Yay!!

Anyway – I’m super excited to share these sessions with you guys because I have been thinking a lot more about WHY I shoot and what really speaks to my heart when I’m out shooting with clients, instead of shooting what I think is expected of me, or what I’ve seen other people doing on their blogs. (Side note: I’ve actually stopped reading most wedding/photography blogs all together because I felt like it was messing with my brain!) I can’t tell you how refreshing it was to shoot what I felt in the moment instead of over-thinking things or trying to be something I’m not.

But now I’m just blabbering on… haha. I’ll chat more about that soon because I have a lot to say about that – and most of it is actually thanks to my awesome and inspiring friend, Jess!

For now – you should look at all the beautiful people I’ve been lucky enough to spend my time with lately! Full posts for all of these sessions & an elopement coming VERY soon!!


Stephanie & Chris…

Trisha & Sean…

Irene & Michael…

Sarah & Aaron…

Elizabeth & Chris…

Karli & Shannon…


Happy weekending everybody!!!


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