Theresa + Brian ~ Monona Terrace Wedding ~ Madison Wedding Photography

I think Theresa and Brian may be one of the happiest couples I’ve ever worked with! And I’d have to say that is because Brian can’t help but be happy around Theresa and her contagious laughter, smiles, and pure joy! These two are just the sweetest, most welcoming, positive people, and were even more so on their wedding day! Every single detail of the day made Theresa squeal with joy and you couldn’t help but laugh and smile right along with her.

I don’t think soon-to-be bride & grooms really understand that the key to having a wonderful wedding day (for you and for guests) – is to let the small stuff go (nobody will remember it happened anyway) and BE HAPPY. But I never had to remind Theresa and Brian of that – because they just are – SO. HAPPY. And it is beautiful to witness.

James and I seriously had the best time with these two and their fabulous family and friends! Everybody was having the best time and Theresa and Brian were sweet enough to invite us to stay and enjoy ourselves with two of our best friends who happened to be guests at this wedding! And I think there’s something to be said for what kind of party they threw – because James and I were wiped out after a full day of shooting in the July heat – and fully intended to only stay for a little bit to hang out… but instead ended up dancing the night away and stayed until the very last song! (Oops!)

Theresa & Brian ~ We can’t thank you enough for being such awesome people and the sweetest clients we could ever ask for! You guys took such great care of us – welcoming us in with open arms, giving us a delicious hot meal at a table with your loved ones, and letting us dance the night away celebrating with you two when our work was done! I have no doubt in my mind you two are going to have a marriage full of so much joy, laughter, and love. I’m so excited to see what the future has in store for you two. All our love ~ Christy & James xoxo!


I loved this First Look for Theresa’s bridesmaids & parents! Their reaction were fabulous!

And then Theresa had to show her dad what the dress looked like when she sat down… ha! I just love how happy she is here!!!


Seriously… everybody in attendance was just so happy for them – you couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear…

… even the baby!!! Awww!

After a quick round of portraits in the summer heat – we headed to Monona Terrace to really get the celebration started.

How sweet is this moment between Theresa & her dad that James caught?!

Because it was so hot earlier and we were a bit rushed for time… Theresa & Brian definitely wanted to sneak up to the rooftop during dinner at sunset for some more quiet time together, and a chance for a few more photos… I could have stayed up there all night with these two! The light was divine! Sunset portraits are quickly becoming my favorite part of the wedding day!

Oh Theresa… just stop! 😉 Gorgeous lady!

Such a perfectly beautiful and joyful wedding day – just as it should be! Congrats you two!!


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