A Pinch ~ Chicago Elopement Photographer

Yesterday was one of those days that makes all the really hard days feel worthwhile.


All the days of worry and anxiety about paying our bills.

All the days of comparison and doubt.

All the days of working two full-time jobs trying to this business off the ground.


All of that felt worth it yesterday.


Because yesterday was a good day. Yesterday was the kind of day I couldn’t believe was real. The kind of day where I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.


It’s funny how things work out. Those of you that read regularly I’m sure saw this post on Monday. A post that came to be after I had a pretty tough weekend that started with me calling my mom in tears early Saturday morning.

It’s seems so silly to look back on this weekend and think that I actually believed for one second that I didn’t have enough. That I needed something more.

And now, just a few short days later… I feel like my cup is overflowing. So much so that I feel I can’t possibly deserve all I’ve been blessed with. I can only hope I give as much back to the world.


It’s funny how things come full circle – even in such a short amount of time. Isn’t it?


Last night as I was finishing an engagement session with a truly amazing couple that I love so much, I said a silent “thank you” as I snapped this photo of our stunning city.



I breathed in the warm spring air and looked at the glowing pink sky settling over the city.

I pinched myself.

I was awake.

This day was real.


Thank you



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