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It’s been a while since I’ve done a random post … so I figured, why not?! Here are some things you probably could have lived without knowing about me…. haha.


1. I’ve only ever owned manual cars. I learned how to drive them in high school in my friend’s car, but hadn’t done it in almost 5 years when I purchased my own first car at 21 years old. I took it for a test drive and managed to not clunk out – and so off I went with my new (to me) manual car. Every car we’ve bought since has to be the same. I even taught James how to drive stick when we first met! I love it because I feel like a race car driver even if I’m only going 10 mph in Chicago traffic. haha



2. I’m terrible at finishing books. I usually have 2-3 books started at any given time… I’m working on ending this bad habit though. I swear!

3. I have an obsession with gum. It started a long time ago and has continued to get worse since I met James and he shares the same obsession. (We keep a bag of 80 pieces in the car & one in the house!) Poor Lauren had to deal with me offering her gum every two seconds when we were in the Dominican together… haha. Now it’s an ongoing joke between us. 🙂

4. When I decide I like a song I look up the lyrics and listen to it while reading the lyrics until I have it memorized, and then listen to it for weeks on end while singing at the top of my lungs, until I get tired of it and move on to my next song obsession. (Current songs I’m obsessed with: Same Love by Macklemore and Stay by Rihanna)



5. If my lunch break falls anywhere between 1-2pm, I watch Days of Our Lives while eating lunch. Most embarrassing guilty pleasure ever. The show is actually just completely awful… awful plot lines, awful acting… and yet. haha

6. I am the world’s biggest chicken. During scary movie previews I squeeze my eyes shut, plug my ears, and sing LA LA LA LAAAAA LA LA LAAAAA really loudly until I know it is over. (James loves it. haha… or not.)

7. I dance around the house on a pretty regular basis… and I’m not picky about my choice of dance – although hip hop and ballet usually get the most action. I grew up taking ballet until I was a senior in college, so I like to pretend I’m still decent (I’m not) – but Chloe doesn’t know the difference! 😉



And there you have it. Things you definitely would have been perfectly fine never knowing… haha. 🙂 Happy Wednesday!


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