Heirloom Album Giveaway & Other Random Stuff! ~ Chicago Photography Workshop

How on earth is it Friday already?! Somebody please tell me! Holy wow time is flying! I thought I’d end the week by doing a little wrap up of randomness!

First off – Leah and Pako’s album that they won in my Album Giveaway is finally here!! (They were absolutely amazing & understanding and I let me put off designing it until the craziness of busy season was over, and so I’m beyond excited to get this in the mail to them so they can page through and re-live their wedding day after all this waiting!)

Leah and Pako were my first destination wedding back in 2011 in Zihuatanejo, Mexico, so it was really fun for me to go through all these photos and remember the amazing experience I had there with them as well! For the 8×8 album they won they chose a gray leather cover with red imprinting, which I think came out fabulously and really fit the look of their wedding perfectly!

(I photographed it alongside the 10×10 sample albums I have to give you an idea of the size.)

Someone managed to sneak their nose in mid-shot!! Don’t worry Leah & Pako – the album is Chloe approved! 😉

I love it!! Paging through the album brought the hugest smile to my face!! I can’t wait for them to get their hands on it!


And in other weekly randomness…

1. We got a new living room rug just in time for our beginner workshop tomorrow!! (How is it already here?!) I’m so excited to see all 7 ladies that are joining me to talk photography all day and eat some Chicago deep dish pizza! Omnomnom! 🙂

2. We were grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s last Friday and stumbled upon these beautiful ranunculus! I used to buy these every time I went grocery shopping (because I just can’t turn down pretty flowers!) and so I was overjoyed that they have them in stock again… I’ve missed them since last spring!! And they’ve lasted all week, bringing happy to my life day after day! 🙂 Yay!

3. James and I are attending a friend’s wedding today! I bought this dress when my sister was in town with plans to wear it shooting weddings this wedding season (minus the heels), but couldn’t help but pull it out early to wear to to attend a wedding too! (I may or may not have also bought it in black because I loved it so and it will just be perfect to shoot in! Maybe I’ll have James take some real photos of it someday so you can get a better idea of how it actually looks… not through a bad cell phone pic in a mirror. haha!)



Anyway – that’s all the excitement around these parts! I need to head off to a potential client meeting before going to our friend’s wedding, and then it is home for some last minute cleaning and prepping for tomorrow’s workshop!!

Have a fabulous weekend everybody!!! See you Monday! xoxo!


(*Edited to add – The rug is from IKEA, and my dress is from Zara!)

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