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I don’t know about you guys – but I really honestly can’t believe it is nearly April! Maybe it is because it still feels like January outside, or maybe it is because I still have SO much to get done before we get crazy busy shooting again…. but either way – time FLEW!

I looked at the calendar today and realized I have 6 sessions in the next week, followed by our Advanced Workshop the following weekend, and then right into wedding season with our first wedding of the year in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland the following weekend!! Yowsa!! So we’re jumping right into busy season with a full on sprint! 😉

But I have to say as much as I enjoy off-season and having a little quiet time to reflect and get my life back in order, not to mention see all my family and friends I wasn’t able to see as often as I would have liked last year… I am really looking forward to getting things rolling for 2013! I can already feel the excitement of being busy. (Is that weird?) I actually am so much more productive and pumped up when life is busy! (Tell me I’m not the only one!)

So although my to-do list is growing longer by the day – I’m actually loving it because I’m tackling these projects one at a time and feeling good about getting it done! I’m bound and determined to make 2013 a new year in more ways than the obvious. I’m looking forward to staying on top of things… to faster turn around times… to a more balanced life… to keeping up with my Daily Essentials for Happiness… and to enjoying the “office days” and “days off” that I already scheduled into my entire calendar for the year. (It sounds crazy, but it is an essential thing to do when you book weddings & sessions months/years in advance! Otherwise before you know it – you’ll have booked out an entire week and left no time to get work done in the office, and no days left for you to just BE.)

Anyway – all this soon to be busy-ness has me feeling like I need to hold myself accountable for a few things I have left on my Off-Season To-Do List so I’m writing them here!

1. Design & order our own wedding album (I know! I know! It’ll be 4 years in May!)

2. Finish editing content & adding pictures to my “What to Expect” info book for wedding clients.

3. Finish gathering content & designing the website for our Beautiful sessions.

4. Complete the curriculum update for the Advanced Workshop & iron-out final details for the Styled Shoot.

5. Stay on top of responsibilities for my collaboration with Lauren & Jessica.

6. Shoot new head shots for J and I; Update on website, facebook, twitter, etc.

7. Update tax categories on for a smoother transition next tax season.


Alright – I know that seems like a lot – but I’m determined I can get this done in the next month or so! It. Is. Happening.

Crunch time people!!!


Also – I’m missing these three cuties big time lately… so I figured why not post a pic of them to warm my heart on this chilly day?!?! I can’t wait to see them for Easter so soon!!!




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