Wisconsin Weekend Get Away ~ Wisconsin Family Photographer

Like I mentioned in our tidbits post on Monday, the weekend after we got back from DC we headed right up to Wisconsin for some quality time with loved ones! It was the perfect little get away (except for the part where we missed our oldest nephew’s birthday because of car troubles/terrible winter weather that prevented us from getting to Madison on Sunday).

Friday night we hung out with my cousin Sara, her husband, Jeff, and my brother, Will at our family’s cabin/ski hill. We started a cozy fire, did a little sledding, played some charades, and all in all had a perfect little Wisconsin winter night! I didn’t take too many pictures – and unfortunately didn’t snap any outdoors of us sledding on the hill (since it was dark & I wasn’t about to attempt sledding with my nice camera) – but I did manage some shots here and there of the fun we had (and a lot of the dogs… naturally).


Chloe & their dog, Buster, got off to a bit of a rough start at my parents’ house, but had fun running around at the hill, thankfully! Although Chloe is decidedly more crazy/go-go-go than Buster, so we decided to give him a little break from her for a moment. 🙂

I loved that Jeff said if Buster were to write a book it would be titled, “My Best Friend, Will.” haha.

Charades & s’mores! (And more dog wrestling…haha)

Back home, begging for string cheese, and holding paws! AWW!

Then Saturday I headed up towards Appleton to hang out with my girls from HS! Love them and their ridiculously adorable kiddos! I didn’t take a ton of pictures – but here are a few I managed to snap…

And back home at my parents’ again – Chloe doing things she isn’t supposed to in the basement. Typical.


All in all the perfect little weekend away! It was so nice to see everybody! I only wish we had made it to Madison too!



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