Jeff + Nora ~ Hilton Orrington Wedding ~ Evanston Wedding Photography

Jeff and Nora’s wedding was THE PERFECT way for James and I to close out our 2012 wedding season! I love these two so much to begin with (our initial meet-up went over 2 hours long over plenty of beer and talk of sports, travel, and our families), so celebrating their wedding with their amazing group of friends & families on a perfectly snowy winter day was the icing on the cake that was a fabulous year of weddings for us!!

I spent pretty much their entire wedding day either grinning from ear to ear, laughing (a lot) at everyone’s crazy antics, or crying happy tears (along with the rest of the guests). Nora and Jeff are so perfect together, which I think has a lot to do with the fact that these two are amazing people through and through each in their own right. So the care they show to their loved ones (and even those they meet for the first time) is multiplied 10 fold for each other. They always keep each other smiling, and I was loving documenting them being so sweet to each other when they thought nobody was looking!

On top of them being genuinely awesome, they placed so much trust in James and I, and let us know over and over how happy they were that we were there to document this day (which is so awesome to hear, obviously). They even worked a nighttime shoot into their timeline so we could take advantage of the Christmas lights out on Northwestern’s campus, which resulted in some of my favorite photos of the year! I got to play with light in a different way than I normally get to, and I was so honored that they trusted us with making their vision come to life! I can only hope these photos live up to their very high expectations of us!

Nora & Jeff ~ I cannot thank you guys enough for letting us be a part of your stunning wedding day!! James and I were humbled to spend the day with you, your friends, and your families. I couldn’t get over how quickly it flew by because we were just having so much fun with you guys! Thank you for always checking on us, making sure we were okay, and for feeding us some amazingly delicious food. (Seriously, yum.) You two are genuinely beautiful people inside and out, and we can’t thank you enough for trusting us to document your day! Sending you so much love! (And let’s get drinks soon!) xoxo! ~ Christy & James


Jeff & Nora decided to do a First Look and their portraits before the ceremony because of the limited daylight we have in the winter… such a sweet moment!

Stunning Nora! Just stunning.

All this snow made me SO HAPPY!

Even though they did the First Look & portraits, Jeff still got emotional seeing Nora come down the aisle. He had me in tears!


I loved the winter white flowers with evergreen accents at the reception!

And then the party really got going!


Seriously just the best way to end our year! Congratulations again you two!!

James and I are headed to DC for a long weekend for the Inauguration so I’m taking a few days off from blogging to enjoy our trip!  Have a fabulous weekend everybody! See you back here on Wednesday!


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