The Unexpected Applause ~ Madison Wedding Photographer

It’s late. 2:46am on Monday morning, to be exact. We just arrived home from a weekend in Madison full of mini sessions, an engagement session, and a beautifully intimate wedding celebration today (well, technically yesterday). I am exhausted, but I couldn’t help but write this before hitting the hay.

As we were leaving tonight’s wedding after already saying our goodbyes to the bride and groom, I waved a quick goodbye to the family and friends left on the dance floor… when suddenly everybody broke into applause. Arms high in the air. Smiles on their faces. Clapping, clapping, clapping, and cheering loudly. It took me a moment to realize….  they were actually applauding for us. I turned a few shades of red, laughed it off, waved, and ducked out of the room as fast as I could, because I actually thought I might cry.

It was totally unexpected, and oh so appreciated. I’ve never had all the guests left in attendance break into applause like that over James’ and my exit before.

It got me to thinking.

It got me to thinking about how blessed we are to have the world’s most amazing clients. We get to meet their wonderful families, and friends every weekend. They welcome us in like we are long lost loved ones. They check on us to make sure we’re okay throughout the day. They give us place cards, favors, and seats at tables to eat a delicious hot meal, chat with guests, and take a load off in the middle of a long work day. They treat us like human beings, not just vendors they hired for their wedding day. No… not even just like human beings… they treat us like friends. Like dear, sweet friends they’ve known forever. We are sent home with extra desserts, beer, an excess of hugs, well wishes, and kind words.

We are so blessed.

I can’t believe this is our “job”. Is it really? It honestly doesn’t feel like it. I’m so crazy in love with what we do… with the people we get to meet week in and week out from all over the country and world… with all of it. I just can’t believe this is our reality. We get to witness all these good things in life. People at their best. People happy. People celebrating. Some people only witness things like this every now and then. We are blessed enough to witness these things on a regular basis… week after week.

I can’t help but think… This is the way life is meant to be lived… with huge smiles on our faces, dancing to the music without a care of who is watching, holding our loved ones close, laughing, breathing deeply… taking it all in.



. . . . .

* Wedding photo by Jon Hamblin


P.S. I posted Morgan and Brady’s amazing wedding on Friday night. If you missed it – make sure you get over there to check it out and show them some love!!

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