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On a pretty regular basis James and I are asked how we manage running a business out of our home together full time. I always say the same thing… that we try to separate the two and make sure to take time away from work to ensure we still connect as a couple and not just as business partners. Of course this is much easier said than done.

If you were to ask James – I’m pretty sure he’d tell you that I’m his business partner 80% of the time, and his wife 20% of the time (and that’s being generous – because really, we’re usually leaning even more so towards the business partner side). I honest to goodness try my best to stay balanced, and even though in my mind I feel like I’m being his wife the entire time – in his eyes if I’m talking about business/work/weddings at all – then I’m his business partner. If we are having time away from all of that and 100% focused on each other – then I’m his wife. Unfortunately that time is incredibly limited as of late. (And he lets me know it by starting to call me “partner”… with a southern drawl, like we’re cowboys or something. And then I know – we’ve been working too much.)

Somehow the time we have away from work seems to be focused on friends, family, and other things. Because for some reason, I’m really good at planning double dates, friend nights, and family time – and sticking to it – but I’m terrible at planning date nights and actually sticking to them. We try over and over to plan them – but if I’m being honest – they often fall through if things are busy (which is all of the time right now). In May we decided that we’d schedule a date day each month (on the 23rd, since that’s our wedding anniversary) and take a day away from work to just be US. Surely we could stick to ONE DAY A MONTH, right?!

Apparently not… because after celebrating our 3-year anniversary in May, we failed to keep up with our date days in June or July.

So last night, when I got home just after 6pm from a meet-up with potential clients, was dressed up and showered (more than I can normally say for myself), and much too exhausted to go back to the editing I’d been doing all day – I suggested we go to dinner together… just the two of us… out of the house… no pup to distract us… no email… no facebook… no twitter. And obviously – James happily agreed. He suggested our favorite BYOB sushi restaurant in our old neighborhood – and off we went!

And it was wonderful.

Like I said – no facebook, no twitter, no Chloe fighting for our attention, no business talk, no anything… but us… just being US.

And it was seriously so completely amazing. (And lucky for me – James allowed me to take a few phone camera pics throughout the night – so I have evidence! Sorry for the terrible Instagram pics, by the way. Seriously.)



So if I can suggest anything to any other couples that work together – it is to TAKE. TIME. AWAY. Just be you… relax, talk, and reconnect as often as you can. It will do wonders not only for your relationship, but for your business as well! And really… this advice goes for all couples – including those who don’t work together 24/7! Focus on each other – talk – listen – love. And you will be okay. 🙂

Happy weekending everybody!


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