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How on earth is May over already?! Stop it! Seriously though… this month was the fastest of any this year… which makes me a little frightened to see how quickly our insanely busy month of June goes!

So, the end of a month brings us to another installment of monthly tidbits! Some of you may have noticed that I finally got Instagram last week (Yeah!!! follow me at ChristyTylerPhoto). As exciting as it is – it has actually become a problem. I. Can’t. Stop. Taking. Photos. (mostly of Chloe). haha 🙂 I’m doing all I can to resist, but Instagram is SO much better than the app I was previously using that I’m like a kid in a candy store right now. Also – I’m doing my best to not share every single image I take because then I’ll have nothing to post on my tidbits post! (Or, I suppose I will, but any of you on Instagram will have seen them all already.)

So hang in there. I’m working on curbing my obsession and hope to have better discretion in the future about what to share and how often. 😉 haha

But enough chatter – here we go – another monthly installment of Tidbits! (I have one more set than normal thanks to Instagram coming into my life… I hope you don’t mind! 😉 Oh and stay tuned for a little more something something at the end of this post!!)


1. Red Velvet cupcakes I made for J’s birthday!

2. Three words: Mom’s Rhubarb Crisp  (YES!!!)

3. Family game night when we were home for Mother’s Day weekend! 🙂 Love it. (Except the part where James got a wedge answering a question about Cookie Monster! COME ON!)

4. One of the most beautiful sunset I’ve seen in a while. (Taken while on a walk with my mom on Mother’s Day back home.)

5. Breakfast in the breeze out on my parent’s porch. *sigh*

6. I caught Chloe staring at James while he was studying and had to go take a photo of it. haha!

7. In case you didn’t know… James and I like a little pizza with our olives.

8. Chloe’s new favorite car ride thing to do…

9. I’ve been taking this beast out on engagement sessions with me lately. Can’t wait to see the results! (Film requires so much patience!!)

10. Caught her staring at me. Who lays like that?

11. The spread from my Bride’s Day event! 🙂

12. I got bored while James was looking at t-shirts at the Nike outlet and found these. BABY NIKE SHOES!! Seriously. Just stop. Too. Cute.


1 & 2. Cinco de Mayo. Enough said. 🙂

3. Bird watching.

4. Sorry… were you trying to take a nap here?

5. I think this is the only time I painted my nails all month. (Shocking, I know! Things are getting busy! I need to make time for it again – my nails are looking sad now!)

6 & 7. Cooking away for James’ birthday week (that lasted about 3 days… oops).

8. Nosy pup on her perch.

9. Cheesy fries = happy birthday guy!

10. J is mocking Chloe with his birthday cheesecake.

11. I can’t resist a good bunch of ranunculus!

12. Where’s Chloe?


And now… the Instagrams. (I must say – all the different borders drive me bonkers a bit. I liked the plain white on everything above. But oh well!)

1. Chloe loves to steal my spot the second I move.

2. Chicken Pot Pie!

3. I went downtown for a meet-up this week and couldn’t help but take a pic of our beautiful city.

4. My favorite breakfast… a crazy mix of cereals + fruit. 🙂

5. I’m so proud of this capture. You have no idea how many tries it took to get her in the frame! FAST DOG.

6. Spring/summer cleaning! My office closet is now ready for busy season!

7. Why I occasionally have trouble being productive…. This.

8. Napping buddies. The usual.

9. James made dinner on Wednesday night! And a lot of it! Yum.

10. My hair has gotten curly lately. Not sure what’s up with it – but this is how it looked after air drying the other day…?

11. Sleepy cuddles.

12. Are you sure we should wake up now mom?


We kick off wedding season (officially) tomorrow and I can’t wait! To get myself pumped for this year, I designed a sample album from last year’s weddings and couldn’t stop watching it and crying this past week!! (Weird? Maybe. But I love my clients!!!)

If you’d like to see it – you can check it out HERE (if it asks for a password, it is “sample”). (Click that link & it will autoplay like a slideshow, then go ahead and click THIS LINK, because you have to listen to this song while you go through it!) Love. This has me seriously excited about 2012 and the magic my clients are going to make!

Here’s to a fabulous June! I can’t wait to see what’s in store!! See you all Monday! 🙂 xo!


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