Meg + Mike ~ Chicago Engagement Photography

Meg contacted me just a few weeks ago to see if I was available to shoot an engagement session while she was up from Texas to visit her fiance, Mike, over MLK weekend. Lucky for me – we were able to work it out and I got to spend a chilly afternoon in the snow with these two! (I must say – I’m pretty bummed they’re getting married down in Texas, because I would have loved to be there!)

Mike claimed that he hates getting his photos taken, but from the looks of it – this was much less painful than he expected it to be (other than the bitter cold temps)! Not to mention that Meg, who is unaccustomed to freezing cold weather, really rocked this session too! (It helps that she is always all-smiles and up for anything! So sweet!) 🙂

And I was so happy that the timing of it worked out perfectly that I was able to actually shoot a session in the snow this year!! I loved it!!



And from the looks of it – we’re getting even more snow in Chicago today! Yay! Happy weekending everybody! See you Monday! xo! 🙂

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