January Tidbits ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

… because apparently it’s already almost February?! What?!

Anyway – here we go … another monthly installment of Tidbits! 🙂


1. I took the Christmas tree down…

2. …and only broke one (very glittery) ornament.

3. Feeding James’ Dunkin’ Donuts pumpkin coffee obsession (that he may have roped me into).

4. I finally got Chloe to wear a sweater!!!

5. For 2 seconds…

6. Would it be a tidbits post without nail polish pictures?! I think not. 🙂

7. Pretty succulents to add some green to my office!

8. Chloe – 1, James’ phone charger – 0

9. Cuddle bugs.


11. Chloe sometimes looks WAY creepy when she sleeps… eyes rolled back – tongue half out… eek!

12. Beautiful skies the day before the 1st big winter storm!



1. The 1st big snow!

2. Garlic butter sauce. Yes. Please.

3. Office decorating!

4. Spinach & Artichoke Dip. (Recipe coming soon!)


6. The movie that made me teary for an entire night & prompted a wonderful discussion between James and I. So. Good.

7. Medicine shopping for James (for what felt like months).

8. It snowed – again! (YAY!)

9. I’m pretty sure this is (& has always been) my favorite dessert/snack in the world. Fruit snacks. The generic kind. 🙂

10. Watching my friend’s little guy & his buddy while she went to the doctor (both under 1-year)… A little overwhelming while being stared at by strangers in a waiting room! haha

11. I’ve been cooking a lot more lately.

12. James is LOVING it. 🙂



Happy weekending you guys!!! 🙂

I’ll be shooting a lovely downtown engagement session and then heading to Madison to celebrate my nephew’s 6th birthday. I KNOW. He’s 6 already!! Crazy talk.

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