The Day Got Away ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

So apparently I should just never announce that I’m going to post anything in advance because then it just doesn’t happen! Ha! I originally was going to post the Best of Families/Adorable Kids yesterday, and the Best of Couples today … but instead I posted a newborn sneak peek yesterday with the intention of posting the Best Of post in the afternoon. BUT – then one of my couples from out of state that I’ve been trying to arrange an engagement session with for the last couple months called and said they were in town and the weather was beautiful, and did I want to do the session that the afternoon? Naturally – I said YES! And dropped everything to head out and do just that. And right about then is when …the day got away from me.

I arrived home around dinner time and of course I was SO EXCITED to review the photos (these two are gorgeous and so much fun!!) – that I spent time downloading/backing up/reviewing/culling the images – and then suddenly realized I better get prepping for today’s wedding!! The last wedding of 2011! The last wedding of an amazing year! Woo hoo!!! Anyway –  needless to say – things got away from me, and now it’s late (I write these the night before – so don’t be confused) – and I need to get some rest so I’m ready to go for the wedding!

So – instead of any of the plans I had – I’m going to share a few sneak peeks from the engagement session. Because I’m pretty excited about them. 🙂 PLUS – that way all the Best of posts can be done in the same week…. the first week of the New Year – 2012!! CRAZY. TALK.

Speaking of which – I hope you all have safe and happy New Year’s celebrations!!! I’m pretty excited because for once James and I actually have plans (we usually stay in and make dinner, or go out to a small neighborhood BYOB or something… which of course if lovely). But this year my cousin Chelsea is in town with her boyfriend, and suggested we make dinner together! And since I LOVE cooking – I obviously thought this was a fantastic idea. (Which is really the best of both worlds… We get a quiet night in & get to celebrate with people we love!) And because her boyfriend, Dan, is a type-A Virgo much like myself (we have the same birthday) – we’ve been emailing back and forth planning the menu all week. (Let’s just say I’m super excited about it – shrimp cocktail, lobster bisque, salad, filet mignon, potatoes, asparagus & dessert?! Yes.Please.) And then I realized we should invite James’ brother, Rich and his girlfriend too – because why not?! So we’re having a quaint little 6-person dinner party (because that’s all the seating we have room for)… including a 5-course meal, some sort of games (I’m sure), and lots of bubbly. What a perfect way to close out an amazing year, and ring in the new one! Right?! 🙂

Anyway, now that I’ve officially chatted your ears off (or typed your eyes off??? ummm weird) – I’m going to share a few of the photos from Mallory and Pat’s engagement session yesterday! I love these two and can’t wait to hang out with them again at their wedding in June!

(Also, I apologize for the crazy post… I’m obviously all over the place and maybe just a *little* stoked about getting out of the house and interacting with other human beings 2 days in a row! haha)


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