Littlest Nephew Turns 4! ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

Okay – first of all – I honestly can’t believe that my littlest nephew is not so little anymore. He’s FOUR! That’s crazy talk. But on the plus side of all this growing up – he says the cutest things in his still little baby boy voice (I think I’ll cry the day that goes away) – and he has decided (long ago, really) that he is a Packer fan through and through. Which is what brings us to his birthday party revolving around a Packer game, Packer snacks, Packer outfit + helmet, and of course — a Packer/football cake. Yup! (He knows how to melt is Aunt Christy’s heart with all that Packer love! haha)

Side note – there’s something adorable about a little kid in an oversized football helmet… no? Is it just me? I love it! 🙂


Birthday song time! This kiddo loves the Birthday Song more than anyone I’ve ever seen. Look at that adorable little grin!

And frosting… he LOVES frosting!


Birthday success – if I do say so myself! 🙂


I hope you guys all have a great weekend! I’m heading out to the Chicago APW Holiday party tonight (YAY!), hoping to decorate our tree & apartment this weekend, and possibly getting some last minute shopping done… (although that may wait until next week – to avoid the weekend crowds)!

See you all Monday!

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