Shaan + Katie ~ Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum Wedding ~ Chicago Wedding Photography (Day 2, Part 1)

If you guys missed yesterday’s post about Katie & Shaan’s Mehndi Celebration – you have to go check it out now! Also, I chatted quite a bit about my love for these two and their families – so instead of repeating myself, I’m just going to let you read it over there and get right to the pictures today!

As you see in the title above – it turns out that I loved way too many pictures from their wedding day – so this is going to have to be in two posts! (Sorry – but when the couple leaves hours for you to have a “photo safari” with just the two of them around downtown Chicago before the ceremony – there are guaranteed to be one million photos that you love!!)

We started the day at the Marriott downtown on Michigan Avenue where James documented Shaan’s preparations while I hung out with Katie. Then we all met up at the Lurie Garden in Millennium Park for the first look, and afterwards hit up various locations around the city on our way north to the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, where the ceremony and reception were taking place later in the day.

As you can see – it was an absolutely gorgeous day – and we had an amazing time hanging out with these two!!


This was a dimly lit elevator kiss between mother & daughter… I know this doesn’t look like my normal style – but I love the grainy look of this image!

Katie and I were heading to the First Look, while James and Shaan waited at Lurie Garden for us! 🙂

This may be one of my favorite first look reactions ever…

(I love that you can see both sides of the reaction from mine and James’ perspectives!)

Shaan just couldn’t get over how amazing Katie looked, and I can’t blame him – she looked gorgeous!!

This little girl walked up to Katie and just stood there staring at her nervously for a minute or so, and then finally got up the courage to whisper “You look very pretty.”  It was ADORABLE.

Love the laughs James caught in the picture on the right! So cute.

I can’t even handle these two! Fabulous.

(Sometimes my clients think I’m funny. Then I fall in love with them a little more… haha)


See the ceremony & reception in the next post here!!!


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