Day 1 ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

This past Monday was my first ‘official’ day working for myself, so I thought I’d document the day with none other than my trusty little…. camera phone! (I know, I should probably be using a real camera, right? Well, I wasn’t trying to take time away from actually being productive – so I kept it simple. :))

Anyway  – here’s a glimpse into my first day!


I was so excited to be working for myself and to get going on all the things that I’d been putting on the back burner for the last 2 weeks while I was crazy-busy finishing up at the day job – that I could. not. sleep. I went to bed at 1:30am the night before, and woke up at 7am with no alarm – wide awake and ready to get to work! (What is wrong with me?!)


I threw on comfy clothes (& perhaps left my pajamas pants on), grabbed some cereal & made myself a latte, and got straight to work – first replying to emails & then editing a wedding…



About half-way through editing the wedding I desperately needed to burn off some energy (get up from the computer), so I lifted weights, drank some water (which I’m apparently very bad at doing when working from home), and took a quick break in my new ‘break room’ (i.e. the living room).



Then I grabbed a snack, threw on some pretty earrings (because I felt like I was at least kind of dressed if I had on cute earrings!), and got back to work. A little while later one of my former clients (& now friend!), Katie, stopped by to return some things I had forgotten at her wedding venue, and chatted with me about all the new changes in both of our lives. 🙂 It’s so refreshing to take midday breaks for chats with friends!!



I finished editing the wedding about the same time James got home from school & the gym, so we headed to Walgreens together to deposit some checks at the ATM there. However, some guy was putting loads of cash in the ATM for much longer than seemed necessary – so we burned some time by trying on $6 fedoras (from Walgreens?!) ha ha! Then we headed home – at which point I showered and put on different comfy clothes (i.e. pajamas, again), and set up my iPod in the kitchen so I could listen to music while I made dinner (for the first time in MONTHS). I usually pick an album to listen to, but this time I said to James, “I think I’m going to shuffle it up today!” So I hit shuffle… and sure enough… look at the song that came on first. No joke. 🙂



I sipped on my new drink of choice (I may be obsessed), and enjoyed some quality time in the kitchen (that I have missed so much!!), which made for another fabulous break in my day.



Yum!! REAL home-cooked food! Look at how happy James is to have someone to eat dinner with again! 🙂 We even sat at the table and not in front of our computers!!



The rest of the night I forgot to document (blame it on the margarita), but it was spent at the computer again – starting on editing another wedding, and preparing a blog post for it. I eventually pulled myself away from the computer at about 1:30am that night. I think somewhere around midnight James stepped into my office and said, “You know, just because you have all day to work now, doesn’t mean you have to work ALL DAY.” I assured him this was only temporary until I get caught up on all the sessions that have been on hold while I was wrapping up things at the day job the past two weeks.

I’m *hoping* eventually that I’ll be on a more regular schedule…. maybe? For now I’m A-OK with taking breaks when I need them, and working until I need to. I already feel significantly more sane and calm (which James noted immediately on Monday). And although I’m super busy and have a ton to do – it isn’t giving me the stress and tension I had from the office – so that’s good!

And no worries, I keep things light by taking every opportunity I can to do a happy dance around the apartment… which is often. 🙂


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