Cat Attack! ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

James and I were enjoying a few minutes of down time during dinner at Catie & Nick’s wedding at Oak Hill Farm last weekend in Galena …

…when a cute little kitty came running up to us. She strolled around our feet and rubbed her head against our ankles.

Then next thing we knew – she was on the table… and it was clear she was on a mission.

Of course I left James to fend for himself and grabbed the camera because I thought this was just too funny not to document! ha ha!

I eventually put the camera down and then was immediately attacked by the kitty as well. I (of course) gave in and let the cute little kitty have a cheesy potato in hopes we could eat in peace, and it worked! She enjoyed her cheesy potato on the ground and I went to dig back into my food…. when I saw it – a big old cat hair right in the middle of my food.

And dinner was officially over. ha ha! 🙂



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