Life has been rough for Phoenix lately. (As if things weren’t already tough for her this year…) Somehow after everything she’s been through she managed to develop seasonal allergies, and apparently we are in the middle of one of the worst allergy seasons ever right now. She’s been sick (wheezing, trouble breathing, breaking out into hives, fevers, swelling… poor thing) for over a month now and it’s gotten to the point where this past week she has stopped eating nearly everything.  I suppose you could equate it to when a very old person gets the flu – it’s just not the same as a teenager getting the flu. And well, Phoenix is almost 14 years old, and these allergies are hitting her much harder than they would if she were a young pup.

So today James is taking her to the vet in hopes they can do something… anything… to help her. Poor thing is so weak that when she tries to get up to get a drink of water she falls right back down, or wobbles her way all the way to the kitchen like she’s being blown over by 50 mph winds. If we can just get her appetite back so she’ll eat again, then I think she could be okay. We hope…

So if you guys could say a little prayer for our poor, old girl… we would love you for it. (Well, we love you anyway… but this would make me love you even more, obviously.)

Who falls asleep in a chair like this??? Apparently a sickly little exhausted dog – that’s who! Still adorable though, isn’t she? 🙂  <3

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