pizza night (or month?)

Well folks, it’s officially that time of year… busy season. It was creeping up on me for quite a while now since I had stayed relatively busy through the past few months with indoor family sessions and some outdoor sessions as the temperatures warmed some. But now? It. Is. Officially. Here.

At the moment – this is what my calendar and to-do list are looking like (green writing with blue around it = photo shoot)! (Yay! and WHOA. ha ha)

On top of this… James is in the middle of finals (i.e. equally busy). So, that means around the Tyler household it’s pizza night – pretty. darn. often. As in… perhaps it will be pizza night for the rest of the month. Ha!

However, we will of course take some time to celebrate a few important dates this month: James’s 33rd birthday (May 8th!), Mother’s Day (also May 8th), and our 2nd wedding anniversary (May 23rd), though I believe we plan on making this a 2-day celebration since we don’t get a whole lot of quality time together as of late (surprise, surprise). And somewhere mixed in all these photo shoots and client meet-ups and celebrations I will be launching my new website and branding (WEE!!!) and (assuming nothing else insanely news worthy happens) I will be featured on a news piece on CBS Evening News with Katie Couric.

So, you could say it’s going to be a busy and hopefully fantastic month – yes?  Here’s to May! (AKA pizza month!) 🙂

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