cupcakes and cute clients

Not only do I get to meet, become friends with, and photograph some fabulous people…   then they go and get all super-awesome and give me a cupcake at the end of their session!

(James and I may or may not have fought over who got to eat the cupcake. I of course insisted that I worked hard to earn the cupcake, so it was mine. But James knows that guilt works best on me… and eventually convinced me to give him a good portion of it. We may just have to head to the south loop to get some more at Three Peas Art Lounge because that red velvet cupcake was heavenly! Thanks again Katie + Shaan!)


**Disclaimer: This is in no way, shape, or form a request for sweets from future clients. But… I mean… if you just HAVE to bring me something – I can guarantee James and I wouldn’t let it go to waste. 😉

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