lucky me

In a world where we are all connected by social media, the internet, and TV… where we see and hear about terrible things happening all over the world on a daily basis – I feel so ridiculously lucky that I get to do what I do. Because among all these tragedies and great sorrows, there are everyday people – living, loving and laughing. And it just so happens that I get to be the one to witness and document these moments. 
Lucky me. 
I get to meet with potential clients who share with me the story of how they met. Of what he thought when he first laid eyes on her… of how his hands were shaking when he proposed, and how he was so nervous he opened up the ring box to face himself instead of her on accident. 
I hear stories of the beginning of their love and the stages leading up to where they are today. I see the way they listen to each other tell their story… the sparkle in their eyes as they reminisce. I see him reach out to put his hand over hers and watch him as he smiles at her like she’s the only one in the room. 
These moments melt my heart. And I feel so lucky… So lucky that in a world where there is so much hurt and pain, and so many things that happen that make me sick to my stomach… that in that same world – I get to experience these moments to remind me of all that is good instead. I get to witness love through all of it’s stages… 
I see parents laughing at a silly noise their baby made. 
I see the deep love and mutual respect between them as they snuggle with their child. 
I see the look on a groom’s face when he first lays eyes on his bride as she appears at the end of the aisle. 
I see a daughter comfort her tearful father as they dance in circles at her wedding reception. 
I see new parents looking in awe at their tiny, newborn baby.
I see an unbreakable connection between a mother and her son.
I live for these moments. I am moved to tears by these moments. I still can’t believe that in this crazy world – these are the moments I get to take part in. 
Lucky me. 

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Christy & James are Chicago based but happily travel anywhere in the world that beautiful love stories take them!