leyah + pako ~ destination wedding photography (part 2)

If you missed yesterday’s post featuring part 1 of Leyah and Pako’s wedding… you should go look at that now! Also… I should make a disclaimer here that Leyah spells her name with a “y” and has since she was in middle school (and decided she wanted to). But it is not legally so just yet. However, I checked with Leyah prior to posting and she said to go with the “y”, even though all the wedding things in the pictures spell her name without the “y,” as I’m sure you’ll notice.) 🙂 
Okay – now that we’ve gotten all that cleared up – go look at this fabulous wedding that blended two beautiful families and cultures! 🙂
(Notice the wedding being skyped?) 🙂 
I love that they couldn’t even get all the way down the aisle without people wanting to hug them! 🙂
(I can’t get enough of these two together! They are so sweet to each other… it warms my heart. *sigh*)
And off to the reception we go! (They had a bottle of tequila at every table! Welcome to Mexico!) 😉 
Cutest little beers ever! And each of the Indio bottles had a different label design – so cool!
I love how everybody was completely zoned in to what Leyah was saying! 🙂 
The next few pictures are a Mexican wedding tradition called “la calabasa” which translates into “the pumpkin” in English. (Leyah was a little nervous about it… can you tell?) 🙂 
(And it ends with them throwing Pako in the air! Good stuff.) 🙂 
Ah! Such a beautiful, moving day! 
Leyah and Pako – thank you so much for letting me be a part of your day! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for you two! 
Besos y abrazos  ~Christy  🙂

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