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A while back I posted a sneak peek of this session. It was actually taken during the first big snow of the year (which feels like forever ago now – after the constant snow we seem to have had ever since! haha).

This couple celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary together this year – which never ceases to amaze me. I cannot even begin to fathom what 50 years together must feel like. But, if it’s anything like this couple makes it look like, then sign me up… because I have never seen two people so in sync with each other and so in love. It was truly incredibly inspiring to see.

For an anniversary gift their children gave them this photo session – so they could have some nice photos of themselves together and of their whole family. (A pretty great gift if you ask me!) 😉 This entire family was fabulous to work with… we had lots of laughs (as you will see) and they were total troopers through all the snow! 🙂 Anyway – enough chitter chatter from me – go see for yourself! 🙂

Happy Friday you guys! Have a safe and relaxing weekend!

**And remember – the Pay It Forward photo session giveaway winners will be announced Monday! (Nominations will be accepted until noon on Sunday.) Yay!!! I’m so excited to pick the winners (out of a hat! You know I can’t actually choose them on my own…)! 🙂

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