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I want to post something legit for you all today. But I just can’t wrap my head around anything at the moment. 
Instead…. all I can think about is The Bachelor
It’s true. I won’t lie. I love the show. And I know most of you ladies out there (who aren’t ashamed to announce that you watch it as well) are not huge fans of Brad. But me? For some reason I love the guy. Not like he’s the kind of guy I’d date (that’s more Roberto from last season… you know, the guy Ali snagged? YES. PLEASE.), but I do for some reason think Brad’s actually a good guy. 
Maybe I’m a push over. Maybe I’m a sucker for a good love story (I am a wedding photographer after all). But either way – I’m a big fan of this season. 🙂 
(And let’s be honest – the most painful season as of late was Jake’s… Right? Oy. Vey. So ridiculous.)
Anyway, I guess I have nothing legit to say about The Bachelor either. Except that when the show was over last night I suggested that James and I somehow get cast on the show together and not tell them we’re married… because, you know – then we’d get to travel the world together for free and still get to end up together. (Because how amazing does South Africa look in next week’s episode?! I want to go!) And then James said, Yeah! Let’s do it! And I wondered why he was so enthused. And when I realized why he was smiling (evil husband), I said… You just want to go on that show so you can date 20 other girls!!! He grinned, of course… and I immediately withdrew my suggestion.
Not like it matters anyway – they’d never cast a black guy as the Bachelor… so I could even pretend it was a good idea and submit his name (being the good wife that I am) and it would never happen… 🙂  (FYI – I’m not trying to start a fight… I’m just stating the obvious.) 🙂 
He would make a handsome Bachelor though, don’t you think?! 😉 

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