long weekend

My computer is in the middle of throwing a week-long temper tantrum. You see, I ordered a new computer on Christmas night and ever since – my old computer has been a total brat. I’m sure the little guy is aware that it’s in the process of being replaced – so it has done everything in it’s power to make me want to pull my hair out…. which includes shutting down and turning off whenever I attempt to edit photos or post a blog. (Although I’m hoping we can make it through tonight’s quick post without a situation… but, we shall see.)
Tomorrow is the delivery date for my new computer, so I’ll be back on top of editing pics and posting them as soon as I get my new buddy hooked up and running! 
In the meantime, I have a few pics from my new phone to share with you. 
As some of you are aware, I finally stepped out of the 1980’s over the holidays… I got rid of my flip phone that was literally taped together and only capable of calling people & occasionally getting through typing a text message without randomly erasing the entire thing and freezing up… and used my 4-year-long upgrade credit to get a new phone capable of much, much more. 
Since the upgrade James has taken to calling my new phone Baby Jesus. (Please don’t be offended…) He just thinks I worship my new phone as if it was Baby Jesus. I, of course, disagree (kind of). You see, I’m just not used to have a camera on me at all times… so I can’t help but pull it out for pictures pretty much – constantly. That and I can immediately post and share whatever photo I take without having to upload, edit, and resize it… Instead – I just push one button and BOOM – it’s shared – with all of you lovely folks. (That, and it may be nice to have facebook/twitter/random facts I can google available at my fingertips whenever I need them!) 
Anyway – here are some photos I snapped with my new ‘baby’ over the long New Year’s weekend! 🙂

Cutest dog you’ve ever seen in a hoodie, no?
Out to eat for New Year’s Eve… 

Making some sushi!
Pretty NYE sushi… 

Cuddle bugs… 

Cheered on my team, but we lost anyway… hmph.

Peanut butter cookie goodness…. mmmm.
p.s. What’s up with the fang girl on The Bachelor?!  No seriously – what is up with that girl… Whoa.

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