christmas with my family

You guys. It’s 2011. Crazy, huh?  I’m still letting that sink in. It’ll be at least 3 months before I remember to put the correct year when I’m signing checks and what not… it always does. 
I hope you all had a fabulous (and hopefully long) holiday weekend! As those of you who follow me on twitter or facebook already know – James and I spent our New Year’s Eve in a pretty low-key fashion. We did yoga together, then went out to a local BYOB place for sushi (and lots-o-champagne), and made it home just in time to ring in the new year with Phoenix. (I know… this may sound incredibly boring to some of you party animals out there… but for us, it was perfect.) 
Anyway – I thought I’d stretch out the holiday love (and pretend it’s not all over already) by sharing photos from my family Christmas. 🙂 James and I spent Christmas weekend with my family up in Wisconsin. It was amazingly relaxing and oh-so-great for my soul. (J said he hasn’t seen me that happy in a while… I may have been a teensy bit stoked about having my entire family together for the first time in a year…)
Christmas Eve started out with a “family photo shoot” (per my parent’s request)… so we rotated family groups in and out for some pics. (Obviously, the boys were more interested in opening gifts at this point than they were in posing for a photo! haha)

This may be one of the best photos my parents have ever taken together – they both have real smiles on their faces!

 Two cuties…
 Goofy brothers… 🙂
 That’s better!
I had to crop this one super narrow because my brother was trying to ruin the photo by sticking some random toy by our heads – as you can see! Anyway – the point of this pic was to show how my sis and I matched in our gray & black ensembles (absolutely not planned).

All five of us! Yay! 🙂 It’s nearly impossible to get a picture of us all smiling normal… Ben always says something to make everyone laugh… can you tell? 🙂

All of us with Grandma. This was the best pic out of lots of attempts. (It’s not easy with this many people, especially with the little guys while using the camera timer!) Unfortunately, as you can see, Buzz Lightyear made an appearance – directly in front of my nephew’s face! haha
Our little family. (Phoenix is obsessed with my parent’s house! She ran and hid when we said it was time to leave on Sunday… no joke.)

 My nephews made this gingerbread house with my mom a couple weeks prior to Christmas. So cute!

 After weeks of waiting – we told them they could eat it if they wanted to…
Too funny!
 On to opening presents! Here are the boys in their super-cute new hats…

 J & Phoenix needed a reboot.
Lots of relaxing towards the end of the night…

 Posing for me in their Christmas pjs! 🙂

 Writing Santa a letter to let him know how fabulous he and his brother have been all year… 🙂

 Can you say – HAM?! 
Cookies, milk & a letter to Santa.
 Christmas morning!
Looking stylin’ in her Christmas pajamas. ha ha
 New toys are the best… 

 He found Aunt Christy’s slippers… 🙂

 A gift my mom got… they put it together in one day! Crazy people.

And that, my friends, is all she wrote (or took pictures of, I should say). I spent the rest of the weekend lounging around and attempting to force myself to put the camera down and just BE for a change. To  internalize and remember the words, the faces, and the moments… instead of attempting to document every one of them (like I normally do). It was a challenge for me, but it was nice. To just be. And relax. And enjoy. 
I hope you all had an amazing holiday season as well! 
Lots of love ~ Christy xoxo

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