the glickman-stell’s ~ family/children’s photography

I spent a morning with this lovely family a couple weeks ago and am so excited to share the pics with you guys! 
As I was reviewing the images after the session – I couldn’t help but smile at the relationship these two little girls have with each other. They were laughing, playing, singing and dancing all over the place. It made me remember what an amazing thing it is to have a sister. Someone who truly knows you and loves you anyway. Someone you’ve probably hit (or wanted to) at some point in your life. Someone you’ve told all your secrets to. Someone you shared a room with… who scratched your back and played with your hair. Someone who has witnessed all the stages of your life and been there to support you through it all, even if you were acting like a fool.
It’s really an amazing thing, isn’t it?   Being a sister… Having a sister… 
Anyway – I hope these images make you guys smile as much as they did me. Maybe they’ll even take you back to a time when you were just a little kid – goofing off with your sister…  

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