Hi there my lovelies.  Life is a bit overwhelming at the moment. And I think my brain is fried. I had a super-long post written about who knows what and after reading it I thought that it sounded like I’d lost my mind. So I deleted it. And then I realized…. I may have actually lost my mind.
So this is all I have for today. A sad little post about nothing. Because my brain is mush. And I need sleep. So sleep it is (before I snap at my hubs over nothing again… oops).  :-\
And in hopes of channeling a time when I was rested and blissful… here’s a wedding photo of James and I. 
I do believe it’s my favorite one, actually. (I think I’ll go give him a kiss now and say sorry for being a raging lunatic tonight… He’s pretty darn cute, isn’t he?)
Wedding photo by my dear friends & fellow photographers: Jon Hamblin and Patrick Sablan.

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