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I’m aware that both my mom and husband read my blog (usually). Because of this… I figure I’ll start doing a few ‘wish list’ posts as we work our way up to Christmas. Yes?  🙂  
It’s a little more fun than just emailing them lists (which I never do for James anyways…  He normally comes up with stuff on his own by listening to me all year. Apparently I talk a lot about things I like…? haha)
So last night I was digging through my recipe/cook book and realized what a freakin’ mess it is. Seriously. I actually have recipes written in highlighter, on notebook paper, and apparently on some Crate and Barrel gift card holder thing…?

So I’ve been looking for some cute recipe cards to replace the mess that are my current ‘recipe cards’, and I came across this fabulous company run by a husband and wife team… Rifle Paper Co.

Check out their super cute recipe card options!

via Rifle Paper Co.

Not to mention they also have fabulous holiday cards…

via Rifle Paper Co.

Oh yeah, and prints! How cute would these be in your kidlet’s bedroom? Seriously I can’t stop looking at all their delicious paper goods…

via Rifle Paper Co.

Anyway… the point of this post was to show mom and James those recipe cards and I got a teeeeeensy bit distracted with all their other goodies! haha

Maybe you should just go over there and check everything out yourselves! 🙂

check out OUR VERY



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