I’m having flashbacks to my dancing days thanks to spending my afternoon watching the musical Billy Elliot at our office outing… 
Now I really want to take dance classes again. 
I have absolutely no extra time (as I’ve mentioned before) but I’m contemplating signing up for a ballet class at Joffrey regardless. You see, it’s just a few blocks from our office – so I could go on my lunch break! (Thanks for planting that little seed in my head Ratch…)
But seriously – how fabulous of a lunch break would that be?!?  
My life could use a little more balance right about now – and I think some ‘me time’ could do just the trick. 
Don’t you agree? 🙂  (Say yes! Say yes!)

(Photo circa 1997, I believe. You can play ‘Where’s Christy’ and try to guess which one is me… haha)

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