mini us’s

Last week I was designing and ordering a bunch of different paper products for my business and ran across these super sweet, totally customizable caricature note cards! (I had seen a company that did this before except an actual artist hand-draws the little mini-you caricatures. Trust me – they are as amazing as they sound – but super pricey – so at the time I just *sighed* and closed the web browser.) 
But then… I found these from Vistaprint and they’re totally reasonable! Yay!!
So of course I had to design a little mini-me, mini-James and mini-Phoenix. We got them in the mail yesterday and I’m totally in love with them! 

 Check them out close up! (James even has freckles!)

They are the perfect thing to inspire you to send some real, old-fashioned snail mail. You gotta love that. 🙂

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