Remember in elementary school when you were awarded stickers for doing good things? 
Well, my life has turned into that.
I was rummaging through the grocery bags James brought home on Sunday when I came across a pack of stickers with encouraging words and phrases on them. I pulled them from the bag, puzzled. Then I walked into the living room where James was half asleep on the couch, held them out to him and said – “What are these?”
He squinted his eyes open, laughed and mustered up a – Damn It!
Apparently I wasn’t supposed to see them. I laughed at him for forgetting to take them out of the bags he left for me to unpack. 
“They were supposed to be a surprise…” he said.
“Well, they can still be a surprise to me when I get them…” I replied.
So, over the course of the last few days I’ve been getting awarded encouraging stickers for different things I do. Things like – making a tasty dinner… taking a sweet photograph… telling a funny story… random things like that. 
So far I’ve gotten three.
As you can see, I’m keeping them on my computer – to remind me of all the fabulous things I’ve done lately. Well, at least my husband thinks they’re fabulous anyway – and that’s all that matters. 🙂

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