James and I just got done watching a PBS documentary about the evolution of dogs called Dogs Decoded – and I can’t stop thinking about it! (Dog people and non-dog people… check it out. Seriously. Very interesting!)

First of all… I’m totally in love with documentaries. Also – I’m totally in love with dogs (contrary to my initial feelings). So putting the two together? Magic. 🙂

Almost immediately after starting it (as if she sensed the loving feelings we were sending her way), Phoenix walked up and helped herself onto the couch and attempted to lay across both of our laps at once. (I know… awww) The entire time I was watching it I couldn’t stop smiling – thinking about how amazing dogs are, especially our little Phoen-Phoen (obviously)… and how happy I am that I’m now a ‘dog person’. (Thanks James!)

Anyway – since I’m feeling all lovey-dovey about our old girl, I of course have to share a picture of her. 🙂 I know – it’s been a while – you guys have missed her… right? 🙂

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