I’m kind of homesick for my nephews this weekend (is that possible?)… I keep thinking about how much fun I had spending all of last weekend with them. Times like this I realize how much I would love to live closer so I could see them on the regular, instead of once or twice a month (if we’re lucky). 
I was looking at these pictures last night and smiling my face off… 🙂  It’s another self-timer session with them from last weekend. They both insisted on pressing the shutter button so we had to take turns (which resulted in some guidelines being laid down by Aunt Christy so the camera didn’t end up busted). All the button pressing and then running and all three of us attempting to squeeze on one chair within a small fraction of time… was a little insane, to say the least.   ha ha
Anyway – check out the series! Hopefully you smile your face off too. 🙂

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