*almost* wordless wednesday

Things are a bit nutso for me currently (but I’m not complaining – at all… Yay people hiring me to take photos of them! Yaaaaay! Thanks fabulous people!!!) 🙂 
Because of that, I’m trying to focus as much time as possible on editing pictures so I can get them back to my lovely clients ASAP. Which means I don’t have much to say today on this bloggity-blog because instead of writing a long-winded something or other – I’m going to finish up this wedding that I’m 60 photos away from completing (Weee!). And then I’m going to get my butt going on reviewing images from some really amazing families I’ve photographed in the last two weeks! 🙂 
And because I can’t leave you all photo-less… here is an image I shot after work the other day. I was riding the bus home after a long day at the office and some serious fog was rolling in. It was really beautiful actually. (Side note: One of my favorite times to shoot landscape photos is when it’s foggy – I think it adds another beautiful layer to an already pretty scene.)  As I was getting off the bus I spotted something I couldn’t NOT capture – so I ran home, grabbed my camera, and ran back to get it.
Something about the combination of the fog + the colors + the row of trees + the gritty fence… I really loved. 
(Another side note – it’s that time of fall now where the leaves are all changing and it’s getting REALLY gorgeous outside – so I’m hoping to have a lot more ‘fall’ photos very soon! fyi.) 🙂 
Happy Wednesday loves! xoxo! (Oh yeah… that was hardly a ‘wordless’ post. Apparently I’m really bad at NOT writing a lot. haha!)

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