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I see so many things from day to day that make me think…. that I’ve decided I’m going to start sharing them with you guys (my 3 readers – Hi mom, Missy & Kim! lol) in a little installment I’m going to call: “pretty things” (creative – I know).  🙂
First up is a lovely little thing I received in the mail yesterday. Isn’t getting real mail the best?! It is especially amazing when the real mail not only includes a handwritten card, but also a super adorable little wrapped gift that when you open you immediately gasp and then let out a little squeal from the excitement of it all. True story. 
This particular real mail happened to be from my lovely cousin Sara (you should know her by now… you saw her wedding prep, rehearsal dinner & wedding day for goodness sake!). Sara has a fabulous sense of style that I’ve spent my entire life trying to keep up with, so when she gets me gifts I’m always especially stoked because I finally feel like I’ve caught up, if even just for a moment. 🙂
Anyways, without further ado – here it is – the first pretty thing!

It’s a necklace with a little vintage feel to it and lots of color. Don’t you love it?! I can’t wait to wear it – it’ll add some pop to an otherwise plain outfit of mine. 🙂 
And the best part is – it’s a locket too!
So I can keep whatever I want to in there and it’s my little secret. 🙂 
If you’re interested in where my lovely cousin found this, here is a link to the company’s website. The best part is that it’s a husband + wife team that designs and hand crafts these lockets themselves in their home in Portland, Oregon. How fabulous is that?! 
(Thanks so much Sara – obviously, I it!!! xoxoxo) 🙂

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