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Today seems the most perfect day of any to post about Leah and Christian’s wedding. You see, the Packers and the Bears face each other tonight on Monday Night Football (if you live in IL or WI and didn’t know this already… then you apparently live under a rock).  What does this have to do with Leah and Christian, you may ask?
Well – those of you that know them well or attended their wedding – know that Leah is a lifelong Packers fan and Christian is a lifelong Bears fan. This isn’t the same as just rooting for separate teams. No. This is each of them rooting for teams on either end of one of the NFL’s oldest rivalries. Young Packer fans are raised to hate the Bears… and since I moved to Chicago five years ago – I’ve learned that Bears fans return the hate just as much, or more. (I must state that I feel Leah’s pain… I too married a man from the dark side – a Cubs fan – *gasp*! 🙂 )
So I thought I should post about their wedding today so that when one of them is incredibly frustrated after their team loses tonight – they can come to this post and remember the happy day that was their wedding – and try not to think of their bitter football rivalry.  🙂 
Instead, they can remember a beautiful, early fall day in Janesville, Wisconsin when they said I do to spending forever together. A day filled with happy tears (the cantor had everyone a mess at the ceremony, including me… such a beautiful voice!), lots of laughter (practical jokes… men wearing bridesmaid dresses… Leah & Christian both forcing each other to dance to their rival’s ‘team’ song…) and loved ones from near and far that came to share in their joy. 
(The woman who had everyone in tears…)
I don’t normally post a ton of bridal & family posed photos – but the gardens in Janesville are so beautiful, I couldn’t resist.
How fantastic do these two sisters look…?!
On to my favorite part of the day… when the bride & groom get some time alone to just be.
This is the part where the whole ‘rivalry’ thing comes into play… Leah surprised Christian with a special song for him – that turned out to be none other than – “The Bears Still Suck.” As you can see – he’s not nearly as happy about it as she is! 🙂
(All the Packer fans joined in on the dance…)
Little did Leah know – the very next song was Christian’s choice… “The Super Bowl Shuffle” from the 1985 Bears.
(The Bears fans in attendance joined in…)
Luckily they managed to put their rivalry aside and have a great time regardless…
Here’s to many happy years to come (filled with friendly rivalry)…  Congratulations you two! 🙂 xo!

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