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Some of you may remember another post of mine where I made a nice long list of reasons I love fall
Well, today I remembered a few more reasons when I took Phoenix out for her morning walk:

(This sign is in the front of an ice cream/fudge/candy shop that is a one second walk away from our apartment that we may or may not frequent regularly.  Dangerous – I know – especially when they put signs like that in the window.)

How could I have forgotten about all these fantastic things when I made my list of things I love about fall?!  … candy corn … caramel apples … pumpkin flavored everything.  YUM.

Then I checked the mail and saw the new issue of Cooking Light magazine had arrived. (Cool people get magazines like Rolling Stone or Vogue…. but not me – I look forward to my cooking magazine. Nerd. I know.) 
I opened it up looking for the recipe for the delicious cover picture (peanut butter banana bread – mmm!) and came across this:

And this:

One million apple recipes!  How could I forget fresh picked, crunchy apples and all the delicious things you can do with them?!   … hot apple cider … apple pie … apple crisp … and apparently – apple salsa … apple french toast … and much, much more.

And so it appears – my list goes on… 

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