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I had a not so great day today…  So, I was about to post a “complaint department” type blog… but then I changed my mind. I decided on days like today it is much better to focus my energy on something positive, rather than continue the negativity. So here it is – something incredibly positive…  🙂

I’m an editing fiend tonight… so I don’t have much time to post – but I remembered one series of moments (among many) from Anne & Michael’s wedding this past Saturday that absolutely moved me and I wanted to share.
It may be because I danced to the same song with my Dad on my wedding day. Or it may be because seeing a father treat his daughter so sweetly could make someone with a heart of stone turn to mush. Or maybe I cry very easily when I see others cry… ahem – Anne! (Okay – so I cry easily even when no one else is crying… but that’s beside the point.) Or maybe it was because Anne is one of those people who gives so much to others all the time – that it is especially moving to see her on the receiving end of the equation on her big day.
Whatever it was – Anne’s first dance with her dad had me a sobbing mess – but I tried my best to take photos through the tears regardless:

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